The Yesod EP

Release Date: 2016-05-21
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What is the first thing we know about ourselves as soon as we are born into this world? Our sex.

We are aware of our personality much later. Ideas as we grow are placed in to our consciousness which cause us to submit our TRUTH at times. Creating a false personality or an ego driven simulation.

“The Yesod” is a project that allowed me to go back to my early stages of life and began to build who I AM from there. Not necessarily being a male, but everything that my foundation was built upon. From previous religious teachings, family, musical background, to what my perspective is and my purpose on this planet.

Many things are at stake when you take a leap of faith. Therefore I gave up everything to move to Poland for a year, and finish my first project. With the peace and quite of early Sunday mornings in Warsaw, I was able to focus and build with the bricks that I had ‘….and construct verbal pyramids with simple technique.”

The single “B.Y.O.C.” is the expression of the excitement. Celebrating the steps taken to complete a product. Now able to flourish as an Independent Artist.

Enjoy sounds of Contemporary Sacred Hip Hop. Allow yourself to sink into the story and for a brief moment, you may be inspired to do something new. Set higher goals, or just relax enjoy the transcendence of Hip Hop.



released May 21, 2016

Music Produced by OddKidOut

Mix and Mastering by Karol “Shafs” Spernaki

BYOC Mastered by


all rights reserved